Edmond van Dooren

van Dooren Edmund

Antwerp 1896 – 1965. Telling his story means telling the art history of his time, but also the history of ideas, of people, of society during the turning point that was the beginning of the 20th century.

On September 14, 1918, Jozef Peeters and Edmond Van Dooren created the group ‘Moderne Kunst’ in Antwerp. The Congress of Modern Art that the group organizes in Antwerp and Bruges in the early ‘20s brought the constructivist ideas to Flanders.

The conference organized by Theo Van Doesburg in these two cities in 1920 represented a turning point for the Belgian avant-garde. New visual forms and an abstract art of extreme simplicity and audacity emerged. For the artists that took part in these events (including René Magritte), they constituted a visual revolution of universal character.

Van Dooren was a prominent figure of the avant-garde during these years of artistic fervor in Belgium.