Chendi Carlo – Angelo Carlo Chendi

Angelo Carlo Chendi (born July 10, 1933) is an Italian cartoonist, among the most famous and prolific writers of Disney on Italy.

Since 1952, Carlo Chendi has written hundreds of stories with characters from Disney.

He moved at a young age from Ferrara in Rapallo, in Liguria, where he started his career as a cartoonist, becoming one of the pillars of the so-called school of Rapallo, along with Maestro Luciano Bottaro and his friend Giorgio Rebuffi, with whom he founded in 1968 the group Bierrecì (acronym of Bottaro, Rebuffi, Chendi) without, however, stop working with the Mondadori in the realization of Disney stories.

Throughout his career – took place between the area of Tigullio and Milan – participated, among other things, the creation of the magazine King of Spades, the first of Studio Bierrecì, and implementation of traditional Italian of Great Disney Feature : in this series one of his most famous and appreciated, in collaboration with Luciano Bottaro, is Dr. Paperus .

Always with Bottaro he began the great saga of Rebo, the tyrant of Saturn .

For years by the series of books Hands Comics. In 1996 he received the Yellow Kid as best author, in 1994 the prize Cover Silver from the Walt Disney Company and in 2001 the prize UGiancu best screenwriter.

Of its huge production Disney are especially important to remember inventions dell’extraterrestre Ok Quack and detective Umperio Bogarto (both designed by Giorgio Cavazzano), the secret identity of Donald Duck “agent QQ7” (the story Mission Bob fingher had acclaim Disney Americana), and the duet between Pippo and Witch Hazel.

Great pen pal of Carl Barks, took him in Italy during the European tour in 1994, and he has dedicated the XXXIII edition of the International Exhibition of Cartoonists, that care, along with a team of other writers, designers, experts and enthusiasts, since 1972. In 2010 he won the Prix Papersera career.


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